How To Install a Caravan bubble Level

This article will cover how to most effectively install a Caravan T-Level, you might also hear them refereed to as T-Spirit Levels, Caravan Bubble Levels or a number of other unique names!

Why bother getting your Caravan level?
A level caravan ensures:
  • Water will drain from the sink or shower properly
  • Your doors will open/close properly and easily
  • Your 3-way fridge when on gas will run more efficiently 
  • Other: On wind up Jayco camper trailer's it's even more important as it will take unnecessary strain off the lifting mechanisms and also reduce strain on your door.
What you'll need
  • T Bubble Level
  • Fastening screws (Metal self drilling screws are one option) & a drill
  • Silicon
  • Full size spirit level (big enough to put from one side of your sink to the other)

So how do we do mount the Caravan T-bubble level?

It's not enough to simply ensure that your drawbar is level, You'll find out why in the next few steps!

Step 1. Using a full sized spirit level check your caravan is level side to side.

To do so, place a full sized spirit level East-West on your kitchen sink and manoeuvre your trailer till this is level. 

If the ground you're on isn't level side to side it might be easiest to use some Caravan levelling ramps and chocks:

Step 2. Using a full sized spirit level check your caravan is level front to back

Position the spirit level so it's running parallel to the direction of travel (front to back) and adjust your jockey wheel until this reads true level.

CaravanMods Tip: Put some water in the sink and ensure it drain's properly to confirm you're now level front to back and side to side.

Step 4. Installing the T-Bubble level inline with the true level at the sink

Its highly likely that the flat top side of the drawbar does not run exactly parallel with the sink. Because of this we're going to use a blob of silicone underneath the bubble level to adjust it such that it sits level as per the sink.

To do so, apply a thick layer/blob of silicone to the drawbar in the position you plan to mount the T-Level.

Now place the bubble level onto the blob carefully and adjust it till the T-Level reads level.

Once the silicone is dry you can use two screws to secure the level, in case the silicone fails.

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