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CarvanMods believes in making the most of the outdoor experience. Whether you are embarking on a long journey or taking a small trip to wind down, there are some essential things that you need. In order to have comfortable access to water for showering, cleaning, and cooking, you need a caravan gas hot water system. An efficient and reliable caravan hot water system is absolutely crucial when taking your caravan or camper anywhere. That’s why we offer the best caravan hot water systems, so you never have to worry about running out of hot water on the go.

Quality caravan electric hot water systems

CaravanMods makes it easy to plan ahead for any trip and avoid having to find annoying and convoluted ways of heating your water. We offer several high-quality hot water system parts and accessories so that your next adventure is as comfortable as possible.

  • SW6DERA hot water system

    We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading suburban caravan hot water systems. That’s why we stock the Suburban SW6DERA 20.3 Litre Hot water System, which includes a system switch plate. The switch plate is an essential part of the system, as it cannot run without it — you won’t have to pay extra when you shop with CaravanMods! Don’t forget that all Suburban RV hot water systems also include an anode rod that absorbs the corrosiveness that can come with hot water. We also sell replacement anodes at reasonable prices.

  • Caravan hot water system anode

    To mitigate the damage that hot water can cause on metal, we offer caravan hot water anodes as a solution. An anode will be inside most tank style caravan hot water systems and should be inspected every 6 months and replaced when it has degraded any more than 50% of its original diameter.

CaravanMods — your go-to for all suburban caravan hot water system needs

Our range of caravan hot water systems are top-of-the-line and available to you at reasonable prices. If you need a caravan with hot water, we have you covered. Oh — and while you’re here, why not check out our amazing range of sink taps to accessorise your caravan and get hot water with style? To learn more about our wide range of useful products, delivery services, warranty and returns, contact us today — we will be happy to get you up and running.


How do caravan hot water systems work?

A Caravan HWS is a heater that uses energy to heat water before it makes its way to the sink/outlet. Caravan Electric hot water Systems are available in 240V & Gas input as well as more affordable solutions which only run off 240V. Having a Gas heater will allow you to access hot water wherever you need!

Can you leave the caravan water heater on all the time?

A Caravan Hot Water System which uses a Tank can not be left on during transit as you wont have 240V supply and you shouldn't travel with gas running. However, they will heat up and will be ready quickly when you arrive at your destination.

An Instant Caravan Hot Water System only operates when it's required (when the tap is opened), as a result they are highly more efficient in energy usage to their tank counterpart.

Why is CaravanMods the best company to buy caravan hot water systems?

CaravanMods is the premier provider for caravan HWS in Australia. We offer a hassle-free nationwide delivery service that provides you with what you need. As experts in the field, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to know quality when we see it. All our products are vetted, and quality is assured.

240V & Gas Hot Water System - 20.3L Storage Tank

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Gas Only Hot Water Systems - Instant and On Demand Hot Water System

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240V Only Caravan Hot Water System - 17.7L Storage Tank

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Suburban Hot Water System Spare Parts

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Suburban Plastic Door Latch Clip Only White For All Models. 150079
Suburban White Door For SW6PA, 6DA, 6DEA&4DEA. 6270AAW
Suburban Nautilus Vent - Suits 5.0 - 7.6cm Wall
Suburban Nautilus Vent - Suits 2.5 - 5cm Wall
Suburban Nautilus Vent - Suits 0 - 2.5cm Wall
Suburban Control Centre Suits Nautilus Instant HWS - White
Suburban Control Centre Suits Nautilus Instant HWS - Black
Suburban White Door to suit SW4&6DERA/DRA - 6282AAW

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