Invicta Lithium Battery 125Ahr



  • Large number of cycles >2000 (100% DoD) means lower cost of ownership
  • Safe and stable chemistry & Integrated BMS provide the highest degree of safety
  • Greater capacity utilisation – 60% more than SLA gives longer runtime compared with equivalent SLA
  • High energy density (less than half of the weight of SLA) lowers total weight of application
  • Fast recharge means the battery is charged and ready to be used sooner
  • Flat Discharge Curve gives longer run time & more efficient use of capacity
  • Extremely low self-discharge rate allows to let the battery sit unused for longer periods of time
  • UL1642 at cell level and IEC 62619:2017 at the complete battery level certification (lithium battery safety testing for household, industrial and commercial batteries)



BMPRO Invicta Battery SNL 12V 125S has been extensively tested with BMPRO range of power management systems and has been proven to partner with them more effectively than other batteries tested.

Replace your old lead acid battery with 12V lithium one. BMPRO Invicta model boasts great utilisation of available capacity through increased Depth of Discharge (DOD), long life cycle and fast charging.

Compared to other lithium technologies, LiFePO4 has greater tolerance to high temperatures, overcharging and short circuit. The battery includes a built in Battery Monitoring System (BMS) to further protect against over charge or discharge, over temperature and short circuit all critical for the safety of the battery.

IEC Certification on both the BMS and Cells of Invicta Battery further gives the users peace of mind, warranting high quality and safety of lithium batteries.


  • Nominal Voltage 12.8V
  • Nominal Capacity (25℃, 0.33C) 125Ah
  • Terminal M8
  • Length (mm) 318 ± 2
  • Width (mm) 165 ± 2
  • Height (mm) 215 ± 2
  • Weight 14.8 kg
  • Max Charge Voltage 14.6 ± 0.1V
  • Standby 13.8 ± 0.1V
  • Cut off Voltage 10V
  • Max. Discharge Current (30 mins) 95A
  • Max. Pulse Discharge Current (3 Sec) 350A
  • Max. Charge Current 80A
  • Recommended Current Charge ≤50A
  • Cycle Life (100% DoD) ≥ 2000
  • Operating Temp – Charge 0 — 50°C
  • Operating Temp – Discharge -20 – 55°C
  • Short Circuit Release 30 sec
  • Max. Series / Parallel Configuration 4P or 4S


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