How to keep cool in your caravan this summer

On the lookout for a 12V caravan fan to cool down your next summer camping trip? Keep reading to decide which brilliant 12V fan is right for you.

Without the right preparation, caravanning during the summer months can become too hot to handle

Summers in Australia can become unbearably hot, especially if you happen to be spending them in a caravan without the right cooling equipment. If you want to stay cool during your caravan holidays and enjoy your summer break to the fullest without sweltering in the heat, then you'll need to follow these tips to ensure your caravan is equipped with everything you need for an enjoyable summer holiday.

Use a caravan fan to circulate air inside the caravan

Circulating the air in your caravan may seem like a no-brainer, but why exactly does it help keep you cool? A 12V caravan fan or a caravan ceiling fan works to cool you down because of something known as the wind-chill effect. The wind chill effect is the result of faster evaporation of sweat on your skin when there is a breeze, which helps dissipate heat energy and makes you feel cooler.

Now, before you begin Googling for the best 12V fan for caravan Australia or something similar, help is already at hand! We have done the hard work for you and have come up with a great choice for keeping you cool all summer long

The Sirocco II caravan fan

Have you been asking Google for "best 12v fan for caravan australia"? With a compact design, four preset timer settings and the ability to operate without being hard wired, the Sirocco II fan is your answer!

The Sirocco II from Caframo is a brilliant 12V caravan fan that is not only powerful but looks great too. With a thicker grill compared to its predecessor, this caravan fan features a super quiet, long life motor with low power draw, so it won't drain your energy stores if you're running it off the grid. With its unique gimballed head and preset timer settings, the Sirocco II will direct air exactly where and when you want it. And because it stores flat when not in use, it takes up very little space. The Sirocco II fan is going to be one of the best things you have ever bought for your caravan and you won't know how you ever managed without it.

Ok, what about a caravan ceiling fan? - We hear you ask! Is it possible to find a caravan ceiling fan that will really cool you down during the summer? The answer is yes - and it's portable too!

Rovin 12V portable ceiling fan

Ideal for caravanning and even free camping, Rovin's portable 12V fans feature low current draw which make them suitable for going off the grid

The clever design of this portable fan allows it to be simply taken out of the box, hung up in your annexe, or inside your caravan, and voila! A powerful cool breeze that will beat any summer heat. The Rovin 12V ceiling fan requires no permanent mounting making it ideal for the flexible traveller. It will only take you a couple of seconds to suspend it from the hook it comes with and away you go! Capable of reaching a speed of 272RPM, you'll be able to feel the cool breeze blowing straight away. And with very little power consumption, this is an extremely energy efficient way to cool off!

Other tips to help you keep your cool

What to do when the air conditioner isn't cutting it any longer? You need some fans and you need them fast!

Besides investing in a great caravan fan, there are other things you can do to ensure your summer holiday stays cool, including:

Park your caravan in a shady spot to keep the temperature

Yes, we're all too aware that the best (and shadiest) spots at a caravan park fill up first. That's why it is important to do your best to beat the rush by planning your trip in advance. Become familiar with the layout of the caravan park you're staying at ahead of time and ask around to see if anyone can recommend a good spot.

Fit out your caravan with awnings and privacy screens

This summer, make your caravan the coolest place to be with awnings and privacy screens. Awnings not only provide shade and protection from the sun but add important extra living space to your caravanning setup. Privacy screens don't just deliver you more privacy while relaxing inside, they also help screen out the hot sun from warming up your caravan's interior too much. Together, awnings and privacy screens can help you create a cool, comfortable oasis in your caravan this summer.

Remember to stay hydrated

When it's a scorcher outside, you need to stay hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water and keeping an eye on your salt levels too. Snacks like nuts can help keep those electrolytes up too, so be sure to pack some in your caravan this summer! If you're planning on doing a bushwalk, freeze water bottles overnight and use them as ice packs during the day. Of course, you'll need a great caravan fridge for this, so make sure yours is up for the job!

Final thoughts

There's nothing quite like enjoying a relaxing summer in your caravan, away from the stresses of everyday life. However, if the heat just won't quit, or if the air conditioning packs it in, there are ways to keep cool while you're travelling. Investing in a caravan fan or ceiling fan is a great idea. Plus, there are other things you can do to keep yourself comfortable too. So, make sure you plan ahead, pack plenty of water and snacks, and enjoy a cool summer holiday!

We hope you've found this guide to staying cool in your caravan during the summer helpful. At CaravanMods, we're serious about helping you get the most out of your caravanning experience. From our extensive range of electrical parts and accessories for your caravan to our helpful advice, we're here to Aussies enjoy safe, comfortable holidays in their caravans for years to come. So why not visit our website today?​ You're sure to find exactly what you need to make your dream holiday a reality!

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