Caravan Sullage Hose Fittings

Read this blog to configure your caravan sullage hose system with quick connect style camlock hose fittings.

To help you understand what is needed we've broken it down into two steps

Step 1: What is the existing outlet on your van
Step 2: What size sullage hose are you working with

Step 1: What is the existing outlet on your van?

Determine what style of fitting is at the extremity of your existing caravan sullage hose connection and then read the appropriate section to understand what that means.

Is it a barbed style fitting?  
Is it a threaded fitting?
Is it flexible tubing?
Is it PVC Pipe


Barb Fitting: If you currently have a barbed style fitting, you should check to see if its possible to unscrew or remove the barb fitting as camlocks can not connect to the barb. Once the fitting is removed, confirm what fitting is now revealed.

Threaded Fitting: You'll need to understand what size thread is on your van. if you have a grey water tank fitted to the van it is most likely to be a 40mm Thread (also commonly called a 1 1/2" BSP Thread). Check to see if you can see anything written on the threaded fitting or on the pipe work attached to it.

Flexible Tubing: Flexible Tubing is common on wind up camper trailers or small caravan's without a grey water tank. You will need to the inside diameter of the flexible tubing.

- If inside diameter is 25 - 29mm Inside diameter you will use a 25mm Camlock
- If the tubing inside diameter measures 32mm you'll use 32mm camlocks
- If the tubing inside diameter measures 38mm you'll use 38mm Camlocks

PVC Pipe: If the outlet is raw PVC pipe you will need to purchase from a hardware store a PVC thread adapter and then review the above section for Threaded Fittings. A thread adapter is a PVC threaded fitting which will attach to PVC piping allowing us to screw on common size fittings. 

Step 2: What size is the sullage hose you're working with

You will need to use a sullage hose diameter that matches the camlock size you've chosen in step 1. e.g. if you have a 25mm barb you will need to use a 25mm Sullage hose.

If you have a 40mm Thread, you'll need to us a 38mm sullage hose. The only exception to this is If your caravan plumbing can handle a reduction in diameter then you can use a 40mm to 25mm reducer to then use a 25mm Sullage Hose and 25mm Camlock Fittings

Caravanmods sell 10m lengths of sullage hose in 25mm, 28mm, 32mm or 38mm. - Click here to view

Caravan Sullage Hose Fittings

you're using a sullage hose which has an internal diameter or 25-29mm you will use 25mm Camlocks

If you're using a Sulalge hose which measures close to 32mm, you will use 32mm Camlocks

If you're using 38-40mm sullage hose you will use 40mm Camlocks

What else do I need? 

- Hose clamps

- Dust caps

- Additional camlocks to join hoses (cut into 6/4m) 


Camlock Tips

  • Any barb or thread on a camlock fitting will always be the same size as the camlock itself e.g. a 25mm Camlock has a barb it will be a 25mm Barb, if it had a thread it would be a 25mm Thread. e.g. You can not purchase a 25mm camlock with 40mm thread. Instead, you would use a threaded reducer and then use a 25mm Camlock with a 25mm Thread (Type A or Type F)
  • a 25mm Thread is also called a 1" BSP Thread
  • a 32mm Thread is also called a 1 1/4" BSP Thread
  • a 40mm Thread is also called a 1 1/2" BSP Thread
  • Consider using Camlock dust caps or dust plugs on the caravan side to avoid dust entering your plumbing or creepy crawlies entering the plumbing & the van




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