What do you need in your Safety Dave Reverse Camera Kit?

If you're considering buying a Safety Dave Reverse Camera Kit from us there a couple of things you'll need to consider beforehand. Read through the handy checklist below to help decide exactly what you need in your kit.

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Which monitor do you need?

What is the monitor? The monitor is what will display the image from your caravan reversing camera.

Where do you want your monitor mounted? Our 7” Monitor mounts directly to your rear view mirror, keeping it out of the way. Whilst our 6” Monitor mounts to your dashboard or windscreen.

Once you’ve decided how you'd like to mount your monitor you can move on to the next question.

Which camera/s do you need?

    How many cameras do you need and what will they be used for? Either monitor can connect to a max of 2 reversing cameras. The current cameras on offer are:

    • 92 Degree square camera: perfect for general use, offering a good middle ground between viewing angle and depth perception.
    • 92 Degree eyeball camera: this camera works in the same way as the square camera.
    • 150 Degree licence plate camera can be easily mounted on your licence plate for an out of the way reversing camera solution.
    • 45/120 degree dual reverse camera which is perfect for mounting on the rear of a caravan or trailer, giving you the best of both worlds, a camera that is great for general reversing and blind spotting monitoring and another that is great for maneuvering through tight spaces. Keep in mind that this third option will occupy both camera channels in your caravan reversing camera monitor.

    Once you've decided which cameras you'd like move onto the next question.

    Do you need a WOZA kit?

    The WOZA kits are a way of connecting and disconnecting your car from the cameras on the vehicle you’re towing, so if the cameras will only be mounted on the car then you can skip this part.

    If you are planning on mounting cameras to a trailer then you will need a WOZA cable kit, choose the single kit if you’re planning on mounting a single reversing camera to your caravan or trailer and a double kit if you’re intending on mounting two caravan reversing cameras, keeping in mind that the dual camera counts as two cameras. 

    Do you need extra cables?

    Each monitor comes standard with a 7.5m long, 4 Pin cable, so if you’re mounting a single camera to your car only you can probably skip this. However, if you’re mounting multiple cameras or a camera to your trailer then read on.

    If you’re mounting a camera to your trailer you will need 1 x 15m 4 Pin cable per camera, keeping in mind the dual camera counts as two. If you’re simply mounting more than one camera to your car then an additional 7.5m cable will be sufficient.

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