Caravan Awning De Flappers

Caravan Anti Flap Kits or De Flappers help prevent noisy and annoying wind flap which can lead to expensive tears in your awning! Not to mention the sleepless nights whilst you lie awake listening to the annoying flap of your awning.

There are two different types of Caravan Accessories to help eliminate awning flap. The two options are Anti Flap Kits such as the Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit. Or a more affordable option is to use Simple Awning De Flappers which wrap around the edge brace arms of the trailer and grip to the awning fabric using a soft jaw.

Caravan De Flappers

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Anti Flap Kits for Roll Out Awnings

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Anti Flap Kit Storage BagAnti Flap Kit Storage Bag
Save $44.00
Anti Flap Kit - White Short Size - 210-220 cm - Aussie TravellerAnti Flap Kit - White Short Size - 210-220 cm - Aussie Traveller

Fiamma F45S Anti Flap Kit

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