Bed Fly Conversion Kit - Option B: Hot Swappable Pole Kit


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Download our Option B installation manual here: Option B Bed Fly Conversion Kit installation manual.

It's important to read the below description as it works to explain what you need to have on hand before purchasing. 

General Summary - Bed Fly Conversion

The bed fly conversion gives you the ability to convert your existing bed fly to a free standing structure. There are a number of options available when considering the bed fly conversion kit from This is a pole conversion kit and it does not include the bed fly pictured.

Within each of the below Options (A, B & C) there are also three mounting kit options which are identified by numbered kits (1, 2 & 3). To decide which mounting kit is best for your trailer, see section 2. Decide on your mounting option

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Option A: Traditional Bed Fly conversion kit - requires cutting/removal of existing fittings and insertion and crimping of the supplied fittings. Check out Option A here

Option B: Hot Swappable Pole kit - No cutting required, offers the flexibility to swap back and forth between the traditional pegs and ropes set up and the converted free standing set up

Option C: Full pole kit - A full pole kit, which is best for those who are either missing poles or have non standard poles.

Completing this modification will reduce your set up time by nullifying the need to erect standard bed fly poles supported by guy ropes and pegs, it is however, not a license to travel without some form of tie down for the bed flies. We’ve found that in most conditions the set up is adequate as is, however, when strong winds are forecast we recommend adding something to ensure the bed flies don’t become dislodged from the poles. A compact alternative to pegs/ropes are Octopus straps (Occy straps) which can be hooked through the lower eyelets on the mesh and the looped around the bed support poles. This becomes a simple step in the process of preparing for adverse weather. A handful of cheap Occy straps from the hardware store will no doubt also come in handy in your travelling toolbox.

Detailed Summary - Option B (Hot Swappable Pole Kit)

This 'hot swappable' pole kit gives you the flexibility to swap back and forth between the converted free standing set up and the traditional poles/pegs set up. 

  • Preserve the resale of your camper trailer by not cutting any poles.
  • Enables you to reverse the conversion at any time and set up the bed fly using the old poles, pegs, ropes if you wish to.

    1. What do you need on hand?

    To convert using our Option B - hot swapping pole kit, you will need to have handy 1 x roof rafter pole and 2 x upright poles from each end.

    Pole A - Vertical Upright (required 2 per end)
    Note: The end of the pole which contains the straight spigot must have an outside diameter of 22.4mm, This diameter is important as it slides inside the supplied outer pole to complete this Option B conversion.

    Pole B - Roof Rafter Support Pole (required 1 per end)

    Note: A standard Jayco branded bed fly will come with the above poles, however, there are some other branded flies that come with a different arrangement of poles, in which case the Option C - Complete Pole Kit is the best option

    Pole B can be purchased separately here:

      2. Decide on your mounting Option

      The mounting refers to how and where you mount your angled upright poles back to the camper trailer. There are two mounting styles available - the two options are described below as Bolts Mounting and Bird Beak plates mounting.

      Three kits have been combined to accommodate different configurations of the two options. By using our selection options at the time of purchase, you can choose to do one mounting option at the front and the other mounting option at the back or you can choose to do the same style at the front and the back. 

      • Kit 1: Bolts at the front and back 
      • Kit 2: Bird Beak Plates at the front and back
      • Kit 3: Bolts at one end and Bird Beak plates at one end

      Kit 1 is the most popular as it comes supplied with all the hardware required and it simply needs to be installed on the side of the trailer. Typically, the side rails underneath the body are the easiest position to secure the bolts hardware. In addition, Kit 1 will also result in all vertical uprights having identical fittings, meaning that there is no need to sort the front fly poles separate to the back fly poles when packing up.

      Most 'Outback' / off road Models can also accommodate Kit 3 as they have a rectangular shaped rear bumper bar. Kit 3 comes with the bolts for the front, however it does not come supplied with the screws for the bird beak plates. 

      Most 'Touring' or on road models can not typically accommodate Kit 2 or kit 3 due to the rear round 'bumper' bar, in this case Kit 1 is the best option.

      Kit 2 is popular for those trying to take their own twist on the modification, or for those with an outback model which has both a rectangular profile rear bumper bar and a vertical front nose.

      Mounting - Bolts Mounting:

      The bolts mounting option requires the installation of mounting hardware to the side of the camper. When you purchase a bolts mounting kit we will supply the required hardware.


      Below image: Bolts Hardware fitted with angled upright pole secured

      Bolts Mounting - Bed Fly Conversion kit

      Option B - Bird Beak plate Mounting:

      The bird beak mounting option requires two bird beak plates to be installed on a flat surface. The screws required to secure the bird beak plates are not supplied as they would vary depending on the surface you're mounting to.

       Bed Fly Conversion Kit - Supa Peg Line Drawing

      3. What is included from us?

      The contents of the kit depends on which mounting option you choose,

      Note: A complete pole is made up from an inner pole and an outer pole which telescope together.

      Option B - Kit 1

      • 4 x outer pole (outer only) with bow end inserts fitted (you supply the inner from your existing uprights)

      • 2 x spreader bar with bow end inserts fitted on both ends

      • 2 x 150mm Spigot - C clip pole

      • 2 x Bolts mounting Hardware Kit (SKU: BFCKHW02)

      Option B - Kit 2

      • 4 x outer pole (outer only) with bird beak pegs fitted (you supply the inner pole from your existing uprights)

      • 2 x spreader bars with bow end inserts fitted on both ends

      • 2 x 150mm Spigot - C clip pole

      • 4 x Bird Beak Plates

      Option B - Kit 3

      • 2 x outer pole (outer only) with bow end inserts fitted (you supply the inner pole from your existing uprights)

      • 2 x outer pole (outer only) with bird beak pegs fitted (you supply the inner pole from your existing uprights)

      • 2 x spreader bar with bow end inserts fitted on both ends

      • 2 x 150mm Spigot - C clip pole

      • 1 x Bolts mounting Hardware Kit (SKU: BFCKHW02)
      • 2 x Bird Beak Plates

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